2018 CBusStudentHack Contest Rules

  1. All submissions must be mobile applications that focus on “peace-building and conflict resolutions for a better community.”
  2. All applications must be developed using an approved platform only. A brief introduction to the platform will be given at the kick-off event on March 16, 2018. All students will have access to platform materials starting March 16, 2018.
  3. Teams may work on validating their app ideas, creating designs, digital mock-ups etc., before March 16, 2018, but actual application building/coding should begin only after the kick-off event.
  4. Each student can be a member of one team only.
  5. All teams must have representations at the kick-off event on March 16, 2018, to confirm participation.
  6. All teams and team members must be present at the final event on April 27, 2018, to receive digital badges and other prizes.
  7. All teams must post a weekly status of their progress.
  8. There are no constraints on hacking hardware (for e.g., teams can use hardware devices like the Fitbit for their projects).
  9. All teams are highly encouraged to work with their high school instructors for any technical/general issues regarding their app development.
  10. Students will have full ownership of every application they create for the event.

Judging Rubric Coming Soon!