2019 CBusStudentHack Contest Rules

  1. All submissions must be mobile applications that focus on Energy: Powering our Future with Coding!
  2. Applications may be developed on any chosen platform. A list of suggested platforms will be provided as an aide.
  3. There are no constraints on hacking hardware (e.g. hardware devices like FitBit).
  4. Each team must consist of three to five high students, currently enrolled at a Central Ohio high school. Each student can be a member of one team only.
  5. Each school may register up to three teams. Each team should have an assigned teacher or other school sponsor to supervise their work.
  6. One submission per team.
  7. After the January 18, 2019 kick-off event, team rosters are considered final. Changes will only be considered in the case of extenuating circumstances approved by the Event Manager and the Faculty Lead.
  8. All teams must have at least one student attend the kick-off event on January 18, 2019. Teams are benefited by having all members present.
  9. All team members must be present at the final event to be eligible for digital badges and other prizes. Exceptions will only be considered in extenuating circumstances, approved by the Event Manager and the Faculty Lead.
  10. All teams must submit an Interim Progress Report, using the template provided by CBusStudentHack. The report should be emailed to by February 22, 2019.
  11. All teams are highly encouraged to work with their high school instructors for any technical/general issues regarding their app development. They can also find suggestions and help on the Piazza discussion room. However, only members of the team should perform the work of developing and presenting their app.
  12. Students will have full ownership of every application they create for the event.
  13. *Added by Committee Vote Nov. 16, 2018* Any open slots as of Monday, January 7th will be offered to wait-list teams. One slot will be offered to each school on the wait-list, in order of when that school registered, repeating through the list of schools until the slots are full.


2019 Contest Deliverables:

  1. Video Demonstrating Application. A 5-6 minute video that walks through your code and shows the running app. It is highly recommended that all team members participate in the video. A link to your video should be submitted to by March 15, 2019.
  2. Final Report. Teams will submit a Final Report in the Template provided by CbusStudentHack. The report should be submitted to by March 15, 2019.
  3. Team Members will present their application to a Judges Panel at the Final Event on March 22, 2019. The presentation will consist of the 5-6 minute video submitted, a 5 minute oral and visual presentation using Powerpoint, Prezi or other platforms, and a 3-minute Question and Answer period. All team members are expected to participate in the presentation.

Each team will be judged based on these deliverables by a panel of judges consisting of industry and technical experts.