Nexosis is a company of developers focused on providing easy access to machine learning.

Our API offers forecasting, impact analysis, and anomaly detection by analyzing your data, along with public and private data sets. We empower developers, data scientists, and business analysts to make smarter decisions, faster.

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Machine Learning for the Greater Good

We believe you can make the world a better place through data. The Nexosis API makes it easy to build machine learning applications. Our challenge to you is to bring these two together and to use our API for a greater social good project of your choosing. We will have data scientists and engineers on site to help and advise you. Your submission will be judged by the viability of your idea, the potential impact to the greater social good, and the overall quality and completeness of your solution. We’re looking for exciting ideas that can change the world!


$1000 gift to a select charity to promote a social good that you care about and a really cool trophy!