Who can participate in the contest?
Central Ohio area High Schools can participate in the contest.

What is the registration process?
Schools will have to first register on the schools registration form and later register their individual schools teams on the teams registration form by February 12, 2018.

I am an individual student. Can I participate in the event?
You have to go through your school to register for the event. Talk to your school representative and if your school has already signed up for the event, you can talk to the concerned person at your school to see if you can be part of any team. If your school has not signed up for the event, your school representative should register your school for the event. They can contact us by sending an email to  cbusstudenthack2@gmail.com to have any of their questions answered or if registration is closed.

How many teams can a single school register?
Each school can register for a minimum of one team and a max of 3 teams. Each team can have anywhere from 2-4 students.

Should every school also have a participating teacher?
Yes, we highly recommend that every school sends at least one High school teacher to participate in the event.

Why should High School teachers participate in the event?
High School teachers should participate in the event, to be able to back-up their teams and support their students through the 7 weeks of programming. Teachers will also receive a digital badge at the end of the event for their participation in the workshop and for having served as a mentor for their school teams.

What is the expected time of commitment from participating High school teachers?
Participating teachers must be available at the Kick-off and Final event to back-up their school teams and also to win exciting prizes.

What are the expected High School teacher mentor responsibilities and how strong a mentorship is expected from teachers?
It is highly recommended that the teachers have basic programming knowledge to be able to guide the students as and when the teams work through their projects. The teachers will also be expected to work through our coding platform partners to resolve any issues or questions the teams may have. If your school does not have a teacher who has computer science or programming background, but is willing to participate in the event, please reach out to us @ cbusstudenthack2@gmail.com and we can help.

Do students need any prior programming knowledge/experience for participating in the event as a student?
No prior programming experience is required. There will be a short coding workshop for students during the kick-off event on March 16, 2018. Students and teachers will have access to platform overviews and instructions listed on the CBusStudentHack website.  The goal of our event is also to engage students who do not have prior computer science programming experience and give them an exposure to programming.

What equipment/technology access do students need to be able to participate in the event?
Students will need to have their own computers (desktops or laptops) or tablets or phones to be able to create the apps using the coding platforms. In addition they will be accessing the CBusStudentHack website for retrieving any workshop or course related material. Students and teachers do not need any other tool or programming language setup on their devices.

Do students need Internet access to be able to participate at the Hackathon?
Students may not need Internet connectivity all the time but may need to be connected from time to time. Students will need Internet connectivity to access workshop material via CbusStudentHack website.

What is the expected timeframe of commitment for the event?
The entire event spans from March 16, 2018 to April 27, 2018. Students will not begin until March 16, 2018. After the kick-off event on March 16, 2018, they will have 6 weeks to build their applications using the provided coding platforms and their final projects will be due for submission on April 18, 2018. The Awards and Finale will be on April 27, 2018. Please visit the schedule page on our website for more information on the event schedule: https://cbusstudenthack.org/when/

Are there specific days/times that the CBusStudentHack committee expects students to meet?
It is totally up to the school teams and their teacher mentors to decide on how many times a week they have to meet to work on their projects. Students’ physical presence will be required at the Columbus Metropolitan Library  for the kick-off on March 16, 2018 and Finale on April 27, 2018 (we will distribute schedules for these two days as we work through our planning).

Will the teams get any technology support from CBusStudentHack?
Yes, Franklin University’s CBusStudentHack Committee will also be available from March to April for assisting teams and teachers with any technology questions/issues.