The Discovery District

Culture, art and academia converge and present the Discovery District.

The Discovery Special Improvement District (SID) formed in 2007. It is funded by property owners east of the downtown core with the primary purpose of making sure this downtown gem remains clean and safe. It’s a great place to live, work and play so enjoy it.

Like other SIDs  (Special Improvement Districts), Discovery SID property owners agree to pay for our services and determine our focus.

Discovery SID employs safety ambassadors, who wear red and black uniforms and ride through the district on bikes. The SID also employs special-duty police officers, two homeless outreach specialists and a safety coordinator. But it doesn’t stop there. Through a nationally recognized, public-private partnership, the SID facilitates real-time communication with safety professionals throughout downtown, which focuses on a holistic approach to crime prevention.

In addition, the SID promotes The Discovery District in a variety of publications and public relations efforts; removes first-floor graffiti; and works on capital improvements to help make the district a destination.

For more information visit the Discovery District Website:
The Discovery District Website Link

Interactive Map – What is the Discovery District?